What do we offer?

  • Support for families going through diagnosis or those already diagnosed

  • Implementing ABA in a home setting along with Saturday sessions

  • Records and data of your child to show the progress made through ABA for you to use for schools, nurseries and for implementing a new home program

  • Support to new tutors wanting to work within the ABA field

  • Support and advice on getting the right evidence and information together to present to schools for any tribunals or local authority meetings

  • Weekly support meetings with other parents whilst your child is in their sessions

  • Training from outside professionals for you whilst your child is in their sessions


Focus Saturday Clubs utilise the principles of ABA to teach social and group skills via a natural environment teaching approach. Children are initially grouped according to their social readiness with the aim of teaching skills with an adult, developing to demonstrating with peers and then within a small group. We have added a social skills group for the 2nd cohort working on teaching social skills and social communication within a group setting.
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We offer support in  Surrey and Liverpool and surrounding area's for families with children with autism, where parents and volunteers can gain training, impartial advice and support to start their home ABA programme or career, whilst also giving the children a 10 week taster into ABA.


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    Shortlisted for the 2015 National Diversity Awards


    Our current Liverpool Cohort runs every Saturday from 11th March for 10 weeks at 10am - 2pm

    Held At:
    Lister Steps Nursery
    Lister Drive, Tuebrook
    Liverpool L13 7HH


    🌟🌟 Focus Surrey's 9th term starts on September 4th 2021!

    Focus Surrey are in the customer vote for a Tesco Community Grant.

    It's a scheme which gives community projects like us grants of up to £1,500. Tesco customers will now vote in Sutton and Cheam stores from July 12th to decide how much funding we get, so please support us next time you shop at Tesco!

    Focus Surrey has opened registration for its next term starting in September 2021. REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER HERE: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Focus2021


    Focus Surrey produced its first newsletter, read more about Focus Surrey and it's recent activity here.


    Focus Surrey Saturday club  (registered charity 1178378) is now planning for its 9th term. Please support us to get our Saturday club for children up and running again. We had to close in March 2020 due to Covid19 and plan to reopen in September 2021.   You can make a donation to Focus Surrey through our Localgiving page


    To learn more about Focus Surrey you can visit us at www.focussurrey.co.uk 

    We are now looking to recruit volunteer tutors for our next term starting in September 2021. Tutors

    complete three days of training to help develop volunteers knowledge of autism, ABA and the skills required.

    If you would like to volunteer with Focus Surrey then you can register here 

    🌟🌟Finally the news we’ve been waiting for, after many months of work behind the scenes Focus Autism UK are officially a registered Charity 🌟🌟 Thank you to each & everyone of you who’ve been involved in Focus. This couldn’t have happened without you all. Thank you 🙏 here’s to helping many more kiddies & families 😘


    Jake, 8

    Harry, 10

    Noah, 8

    I'm Jake and have been doing ABA since April 2014. I've come along leaps and bounds since I started ABA. I can know listen to basic instructions and now able to request.

    My name is Harry and I have been doing ABA since March 2010 I had no ways to communicate when I started with ABA and was often frustrated which lead to...

    My name is Noah and I have been doing ABA since December 2014 I had no ways to communicate when I started with ABA and was often frustrated which lead to...


    We are looking for psychology / early childhood students to volunteer to work/train as tutors on our

    10 week course.


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    Take a look at our Forum, where you can advertise your tutor jobs, tutors can post their availability and you can have general chit chat about ABA...plus it's all FREE!


    Are you interested in setting up FOCUS in your area?

    Download the registration form and email us as

    we can provide support and setup help

      Focus Surrey

      Re-opening Autumn 2021

      Runs in Cheam, Surrey

      More Info Here

      Kids Stuff Crazy Soap are proud supporters of FOCUS Liverpool.

      As a Focus parent/volunteer you can get 25% off Crazy Products by clicking the link below and using the code FOCUS25

      Where it all began! 

      Setting up home ABA programs is a fait in itself, managing tutors, session hours, timetables, equipment, target planning, workshops and reinforcers quickly consumes your everyday life. However, a good home ABA program run with reliable and enthusiastic tutors makes a positive change and massive difference to your childs life.

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      TALKING FOCUS.....
      Adele Norman,
      Behaviour Analysist Therapist
      Veronique Kaboha
      Focus South London Manager