We are now looking to recruit volunteer tutors for our next term starting September 2021.


Tutors complete two days of training in order to help develop volunteers' knowledge of autism, ABA and the skills required.


If you are interested in working with children with autism, please click here for further details. 


Volunteer with us...

Are you interested in a career in special needs education?  Do you enjoy working with autistic children and helping them learn whilst having a lots of fun?  Why don't you train to be one of our volunteer tutors?

To date, Focus Surrey has provided training for over 220 tutors and young volunteers who are interested in special needs education, helping to enhance their skills development and career prospects and generating further opportunities for local employment. They are trained in Autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis and how to encourage communication and enhance play skills for children with ASD.


All new tutors receive  two full days of training on Applied Behaviour Analysis, an evidence-based approach, delivered by two Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs).  This is followed by one day of physical intervention training.  After the initial three days training, the tutors continue to receive support, supervision and training while the club is running.


Not all of Focus Surrey’s volunteers are looking for a career in special education. We have had volunteers who are parents or siblings of children with Autism. Parent volunteers can train alongside their children to enable them to continue using the principles of ABA at home and we have also trained parents whose children didn’t attend the club but wanted to learn strategies for their own children.


The feedback that we get from our volunteers is overwhelmingly positive!


“Focus Surrey is the best hands-on work experience, the training, the constant support from room leaders, the real sense that I was part of a team made me look forward to every Saturday. And best of all, the fact that I was able to see we made a positive change in the lives of the children we worked with made it all worth it.”

Nicoleta, Kingston University student and former volunteer


Furthermore, tutor feedback from every term indicates that 100% of volunteers

would recommend the volunteering experience.