We are very excited to announce the launch of this new support service for families affected by ASD in South Yorkshire and the surrounding area’s. 


The Saturday Club utilises the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to teach social and group skills via natural environment learning.  Children spend 12 consecutive Saturday mornings engaged with trained 1:1 volunteer ABA tutors working on individualised programmes. Families are able to access support from the group and other families whilst their children are engaged in the 3 hour session. Families also have the opportunity to attend several guest speaker presentations on a wide range of issues relevant to
their situation.


ABA is an evidence based approach, therefore each child is assessed at the commencement of the 12 week club in order to devise a personalised programme, data of progress will be monitored throughout. The family will receive a report at the end of the 12 week club which can be used to commence a home programme or be provided to professionals associated with the child (school/Local auth/SaLT/OT). 


Please CLICK HERE if you would like to register your child or become one of our fantastic dedicated volunteers.

Saturday ABA Club.

We want to bring ABA Saturday clubs in to the South Yorkshire region.  Please CLICK HERE to register for the Saturday ABA Club.

Rebecca Varley
Kate Henderson (Bsc, MSc, BCBA)
ABA consultant

 I am a mum to an incredible little boy who happens to be autistic. At the age of 18 months my son regressed and lost all language and previously acquired skills. He had no eye contact, didn't respond to his name, was unable to socialise and could not communicate with me. His behaviour was rigid and aggressive towards others and often self injurious (mainly head banging). He wanted to spend all day vocally stimming and watching the same film over and over again.

After many phone calls and cries for help I realised getting suitable assistance and provision to teach him the skills he desperately required was going to be tough. My husband and I therefore decided to commence a home ABA programme on the advice of another family. This was a huge turning point for my son and the family as a whole.

As a parent I learnt how to interact with him, how to promote his language, how to teach him academic and life skills. Within days he made his first ever purposeful request for an item (without screaming). He went on to develop skills in every area working closely with his 1:1 tutors and consultant who devised a very individual programme perfect for his little personality.

Two years later my son now listens to instructions, asks for items he wants to access, plays alongside other children. He engages in reading books, singing songs, playing games. His fine and gross motor skills have been targeted continually and have improved beyond all expectations. We used ABA to fully toilet train him and his self help skills are equal to his neurotypical peers. Challenging behaviours have diminished considerably and we no longer see any head banging. My son now recieves a fully funded home/school programme.  

I want every parent with a child affected by ASD to have a choice and an opportunity to access this highly researched and effective teaching method. This is why we have established FOCUS SOUTH YORKSHIRE to enable parents and kids to receive a 12 week introduction to ABA.



Hi I'm Kate, I am a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst (BCBA). I am delighted to be lead Consultant at the new Focus South Yorkshire Saturday School.

I have worked in the field of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis ) for over 6 years. I have supported children and young adults aged
2-21 years old in various settings including home programmes, primary school settings, specialist ABA schools and also residential specialist educational settings. My passion is the teaching of functional communication and increasing independence skills in those with a diagnosis of autism or mental health disorders.


The Saturday School provides support to parents and children in the South Yorkshire area and provides a thorough introduction to ABA and the benefits this brings to those families affected by autism. I look forward to working with you and your children to achieve positive outcomes


Saturday ABA Club.

We want to bring ABA Saturday clubs to South Yorkshire 

For more information please email focussouthyorkshire@hotmail.com or phone Rebecca Varley on 07850344260or join our facebook page
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