Where it began...

Setting up home ABA programs is a fait in itself, managing tutors, session hours, timetables, equipment, target planning, workshops and reinforcers quickly consumes your everyday life. However, a good home ABA program run with reliable and enthusiastic tutors makes a positive change and massive difference to your childs life.

Following on from the depths of the diagnosis path 3 mums met with local support groups each trying to find the answer to their question “how can we help our son?”. Support groups are worth their weight in gold but many families have not heard of ABA or what they have has been of a negative experience following research that hasn’t been updated to show the real ABA.

Hayley met Elise when both their sons attended the same pre-school. Hayley met Claire through contacts within the ABA community of families within the Liverpool area who were already running home programs. Hayley and Ian both came to see a home ABA session of Claire and Paul's son in action. They enrolled enthusiastic tutors, mostly Psychology students from local universities and developed their sons home program. Now all three boys have successful programs during the week after school hours.

Seeing how well each boy took to and developed skills through the use of ABA a meeting was arranged for local parents within Liverpool to get together to talk about an ABA school similar to the Tree House School down South being set up in the area. Following this meeting we knew there was a demand for not only ABA within the area but for ABA to now get the right positive message it has to professionals who would quickly dismiss it. We also wanted to show it can be done in a cost effective way to both the local authority and to new families looking into ABA and would like a taster sessions. In the process we are also conscious of developing good tutors to help the expending home programs that are seemingly appearing more and more throughout Liverpool.

So that’s the start of where Focus Liverpool began, just three mums who wanted to show what ABA can do for your child. Following the birth of Focus Liverpool news spread and we received emails from other parents in the London, Manchester, Bridgend and Yorkshire areas who also wanted to set up Focus groups running with the same business model as ours. That began the sub-hub application set up.