We want children with autism & associated behavioural disorders to be able to reach their full potential. 

One of the great ways this can be achieved is by implementing an ABA programme.  Contact us at focusyorkshire@hotmail.com

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Hi I'm Sarah, I began supporting individuals with Autism in 2007, working as a Care Assistant while also completing a Psychology Degree.

Upon graduating in 2009 I began working as a tutor on an ABA programme. Within just a few weeks I was so impressed and felt so passionate about ABA that I decided I wanted to specialise.

Enrolling on an MSc ABA course that same year. I was now working with several children with ASD on their home/ school based ABA programmes.

Upon finishing my Masters Degree I began working as an Assistant Behaviour Analyst for a council, implementing positive behaviour support plans (rooted in ABA) in family homes and schools with children, teenagers and adults. Progressing then to take up a Consultant Behaviour Analyst role at a private care company.

I am now a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, having worked extensively with individuals with ASD from the age of 18 months to adults, consulting to and implementing ABA therapy in both the UK and in the Middle East.


This is Joss.


When Joss was almost two his parents realised he was regressing into autism. 

They searched for early intervention they had read about on various autism sites, only to discover the only thing on offer was a visit from Portage for an hour a week. There was also a long waiting list for this service & time was quickly running out if Joss' intervention was to be considered early. 

Joss' parents had heard about ABA from a family who had used it successfully many years ago for their son & from a friend who was currently running an ABA programme for her son.

They found a consultant to run his programme & enlisted professional tutors & university students for training. Joss only had 15hrs a week in the early days but he made amazing progress! 

You can see some of Joss' videos on the left.


Joss was 2 & 1/2 when he started his ABA programme. He struggled to follow the most basic instruction & had to be taught most things from scratch. At this point he was non verbal.

After a year Joss had gained lots of new skills & was using PECS to request desired items. 


Joss family eventually won funding for a full time ABA programme & Joss began to really flourish! 

After using PECS Joss' speech has begun to develop. He can label hundreds of items & asked for desired objects. 

He still has a long way to go but with his ABA programme to guide him Joss' parents are reassured he will do well.